As if they do not have enough problems in their lives already, the homeless in Southern California have had quite the struggle recently, ranging from being beaten by a famous frozen yogurt purveyor to being targeted, stalked, and killed by a military vet. News stories like these bring to the forefront that being homeless is still a very real problem for many and it does not only affect men and women that are down on their luck. Young boys and girls are also affected by homelessness.

Bumblebee recognizes their plight and has been on a mission to raise awareness, starting on the walls of buildings in Los Angeles. The timely third work in his Passed Out series has recently been put up at the side of 7943 Laurel Canyon Blvd in North Hollywood, CA.  There are children that are forced to sleep on the streets and we should feel the need to do our part to make sure that does not have to happen.

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All images courtesy of Bumblebee.
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