After bringing you a glimpse of the magnificent new body of work from Todd Schorr (featured) created for his solo this Saturday night (March 17th), we now have a revealing first look at a video of the Los-Angeles-based painter and his new paintings for the show. In it, Schorr can be seen with some footage of the pieces for Neverlasting Miracles, set to be revealed at Merry Karnowsky at an opening hosted Patricia Arquette.

See what Schorr had to say about this new after the jump… Also, you’ll see some pics of his amazing new sculptural piece, Antidote for a Worrisome World, standing 9 feet tall and weighing over 300 lbs.

“In a way my paintings are like an animated cartoon that has been frozen into one frame with all the clues to its storyline present somewhere within the composition. Generally speaking all of my paintings do follow a narrative that’s up to the interpretation of the viewer to solve.The challenge is to be able to engage the viewer through the use of arresting subject matter and a dynamic composition that will lead them through a scenario that is hopefully powerful and thought provoking.

The many varied and amusing complexities of human behavior continue as avenues of exploration in my latest group of paintings. The genome of our kissing cousins, the Neanderthal, has been decoded and they are alive and well and swimming within our modern day genetic lottery.Narcissism has reached an all time high as aesthetically challenged physicians in the plastic surgery arts continue on their frantic quest to enhance and beautify. t won’t be long before Father Time himself will be opting for his own nip and tuck. These thoughts and more are given full reign across generous fields of colorfully pigmented canvas.  My new works seek to entertain while at the same time provide the viewer with tasty morsels of contemplative thought.”

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