Tim Biskup

The art of the album cover has a longstanding cultural and historic impact, both on contemporary society and new contemporary art. From the psychedelic album covers of the sixties to the gritty urban photographic hip hop album covers of the 90s, few mediums have been as unheralded yet impactful as these visual interpretations of the defining sounds of each generation.

Warner Brothers Records in Burbank has recently opened a group show inviting artists to reinterpret their favorite albums and covers from the label’s expansive catalog. Artists such as David Flores and Tim Biskup bring their signature style, which has made each favorites for these types of exhibits, while Sylvia Ji and Joshua Petker create surprisingly abstract reinterpretations. Shane Jessup’s take on AJ Fosik’s already-iconic Mastadon cover is nice and the show overall presents a strong showing of LA artists fusing the worlds of visual and auditory arts.

You can see the full list of artists here as well as more images of work from the show after the jump…

David Flores

Victor Castillo