Last weekend, the Ace Gallery in Los Angeles played host to L.A. Sous-Real, the latest solo showing from artist Laurie Lipton (interviewed). Featuring her incredibly detailed graphite works, the works for this show are a personal testimony to her experiences of change and a new environment. She states:  “I am in the peculiar position of being a foreigner in my own country. I just moved back to the USA after living in Europe for over 36 years (more than half my life). This show is about my first impressions of this new/old home. “Sous-Real” is a play on the term “Surreal”. “Sur” is the French word for “on,” whereas “Sous” means underneath. My drawings are not concerned with surrealism or dreams. They try to capture the psychological underbelly of everyday reality. Each piece takes a tremendous amount of time and effort, so why waste it on something I don’t care about? “L.A. Sous-Real” is a passionate response to Los Angeles, my strange and other-worldy city.” Check out our photoset below.

Photo credit: ©Carlos Gonzalez for Arrested Motion.
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