It looks like KAWS is back in Texas for an encore after a successful showing there at the end of last year. If you remember, the Focus:KAWS exhibition was held at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth in December of 2011. Now, it will be next location to host the COMPANION (PASSING THROUGH) sculpture first seen in Hong Kong, followed up by a showing at The Aldrich, then at in NY at The Standard Hotel, and finally at his museum show in Atlanta. Those in the area should take the opportunity to see it in person through January 6th, 2013.  Also fans of the street turned contemporary artist should make note of upcoming projects like his participation in this year’s Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade with a 40-foot-long balloon of his character, COMPANION (November 2012), the Sculpture Plinth Exhibition Program at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts Museum (2013), and a solo exhibition at CAC Malaga, Spain (2014).

Photos via the artist.
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