Our friends at Art Nerd New York recently invaded Hamburg, Germany for a special group show at Helium Cowboy. The exhibition entitled George Hearts Maria is themed around the tale of forbidden romance between the Prince George of Wales and commoner Maria Fitzherbert. While separated, they each had miniature eyes (of each other) painted so they could stare at them without getting caught by the royal family. Artists such as Allison Sommers, Beau Stannton, Ian Kuali’i, Jon Burgerman, Molly Crabapple, Ryan Brennan, Zac Braun and more were tapped to create works based these mini eyes. For another twist, an additional miniature gallery within the gallery was created to house the works for the show. Also, for fans that can’t attend in person, a special limited mini print set was created with 1x Run. If interested, get it here.