Last year, while AM was in Hong Kong, we had a chance to visit HOW2WORK studios and preview their special collaboration with blue-chip Japanese artist Yoshitomo Nara. Entitled Doggy Radio this unique project is a functional sculpture created by Nara and designed jointly between Sayers Studios & H2W. This beautiful limited edition artwork features Nara’s signature white dog (seen here), with the help of a specially placed “belly speaker” created by YAMAHA Lab, this lonesome puppy acts as a functional sound system. With easy access options via Bluetooth, USB or Aux this system easily connects to your music library housed on an iPod, iPhone, iPad or computer.

Did we also mention that this Doggy Radio can get AM/FM reception? Simply twist it’s bright red nose in either direction to catch your favorite radio station. To increase or decrease the volume simply stroke the dog under the chin forward or backwards. Released through Pace Prints & Tomiyo Koyama this limited edition sculpture will be available online starting tonight at

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