Chris Johanson has always been known for his bold use of raw materials and exuberant color pallet. Well ladies and gentleman, he has done it again with his latest show titled Windows now showing at Mitchell-Innes & Nash.  This latest show is a slight departure from Johanson’s usual work with less incorporation of figurative illustration and more emphasis on the meditative qualities of art making.

Johanson approached this body of work as not only art and sculpture in the literal sense, but with the metaphysical in mind and taking center stage. Suggesting that these works are more about looking beyond the art itself and using them more as a tool to look at the introspective. The result is truly a thought-provoking body of work on found materials. This is the first New York City solo by Johanson since his infamous 2008 show at Dietch Projects and runs through October 20th.

Words by Manuel Bello.