If you remember a while back, we shared with you news of Joe Ledbetter’s re-release of one of his most popular figures and characters Mr. Bunny, but in a larger format. Now, in collaboration with the people (The Loyal Subjects) that brought you the Colossus Bunny, Ledbetter will be also bringing back his beloved Fire-Cat, again in a much larger scale. Standing 4-feet tall and made of fiberglass, the Mega Fire-Cat will be available in four different colorways – Original Red Fire-Cat (edition of 7), Ice-Cat (blue edition of 4), Mono-Cat (gray edition of 5), and Lava-Cat (black edition of 3). These will be available through  Toykio, 3D Retro, and Bait and you can also email [email protected] for more details (prices range from $5,500 to $6,000).

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