Last Friday, AM traveled to Seattle to attend a couple shows at the Roq La Rue Gallery. Not only did we have the privilege to enjoy Josh Keyes’ fantastic new paintings, but we also took time to take in John Brophy’s new body of work entitled New Songs for the Standard Model. Brophy’s intense imagery often features scientific formulas, symbology, Asian-influenced references and artifacts of the modern world. This particular group of paintings on display was inspired by the discovery of the Higgs Boson particle this summer by scientists at CERN and show jis characters in a moment of discovery or revelation.

The locally-based artist also has a unique process that makes his paintings sometimes appear digital in nature, especially when viewed online. Brophy starts by employing time-intensive 3D modeling techniques on his computer to achieve the right pose, lighting, and angles for his characters and associated objects. He prints these scenes out and uses them as his reference and hand-paints each piece in oils. If interested, you can learn more about Brophy’s work in this in-depth interview.

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