On Friday, Tauba Auerbach unveiled a truly unique body of work at John McWhinnie @ GHB in East Hampton, NY. The show entitled A Book Is Not An X (previewed) is a play on a statement she made last year in an Artforum review of Carsten Nicolai’s book Grid Index: “a book is an X-axis. The format is almost always linear; the content, bound in a prescribed order, marches single file.” For this exhibition Tauba created six “books” and each plays on this notion and challenges what a book may be.

Walking into the space we were hit with a multitude of artistic and mathematic concepts that we mentioned in our earlier preview of the show. Each book had a crowd trying to understand its concept. Luckily, the gallery staff was on hand with white gloves to give a hands on demonstration of each piece of work. Tauba was also present to greet and explain her approaches to curious fans. We were also delighted to learn that although each book is 10 or less in edition size, and none of them are created in advance. Tauba takes an approach to hand paint, sand, bind and basically create each book uniquely based on the time that they are ordered. This wonderful show runs until September 20th, so go by catch it before it goes overseas to Norway for her Museum exhibition, Tetrachromatic at Bergen Kunsthall in November.

Check out all the works and a special surprise after the jump.

Tauba shares some secrets with Bill Powers of Half Gallery

As you can see above, Tauba and the gallery created a great invitation for the show. She also took a moment to sign one for you readers. We’re giving away 3 “transformable” invitations (one will be signed). How do you win? Just leave a comment on our FB page or here before August 26th and we’ll select the winners at random.

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