As we first previewed over half a year ago, it appears the much-anticipated, highly ambitious Tauba Auerbach pop-up book has finally worked out all the production kinks and is ready for an official release. Published by Printed Matter in a hand signed and numbered edition of 1,000 (with 100 proofs), [2,3] is comprised of six individual pop-up sculptures, each housed in its own cover and collectively assembled in a custom slipcase.

Exploring the dynamics between two dimensions and three dimensions, a common theme in Auerbach’s work, each “page” opens into an intricately conceived, brilliantly engineered geometric form, which expand outwards – some up to 18” in height! – and collapses completely flat. Fusing a range of innovative production techniques and conceptual design underpinnings, the resulting product acts more as a work of art than a “book”, ultimately highlighting the genius at the core of Auerbach’s meticulous and mathematical perception bending creative vision. Scheduled for shipment in late October, [2,3] is priced at $450 and available here (at the presale price of $350).

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