If you have never seen the work of Tiffany Bozic in person, then there is no better time than the present. Her solo show Transformation sprawled through-out the Joshua Liner Gallery this past month and will run through December 1st.

Tiffany has devoted her young life nerding out on the intricacies of nature. Not just on a recreational level, but scientifically as well, no doubt drawing inspiration from her specimen studies at the the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco where she now resides. Given the subject matter of her work, it truly blends seamlessly into the wood grain, leaving little room for artist error and plenty of room for innovative artist incorporation. The paper work is also stunning. If you have ever spent a day in the forest, or near the sea, on a mountain top with ice crystal snowflakes, or in the science lab after class was dismissed, we strongly suggest you get out and see this show. In the meantime take the digital tour below.

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