Recently, the James Cohan Gallery hosted Trenton Doyle Hancock‘s show, appropriately titled …And Then It All Came Back To Me. This is an incredible body of work, and as timing sometimes goes, brought out the ‘best of the best’ in the post Sandy NYC Chelsea arts district. This exhibit focuses hard on thickly layered mixed-media works, installations, with a slice of taxidermy folklore – the entire collection of work seemingly very emotionally charged.

“Word-plays, palindromes, maxims and proverbs” add to the the visual imagery and set the stage for much greater depth of thought and field within the work. Its no stretch to say, every piece tells a different story – everything from a very primal urban incorporation to the inevitable subtitles to irreverent plays on social stereotypes can be found interwoven into the deep textures. I believe the verbal picture has been painted, and speak to this as a very complex collaboration of works by the many sides of Trenton Doyle Hancock. For more about this show, right this way