For nearly two decades, the name Joe Sorren has been synonymous with an ability to create a story of endless interpretation within his works. If you have been following the surrealism painters of the modern age, then you certainly know the name and the work. But who is Joe Sorren? The man behind the art has remained somewhat of an enigma. He is seclusive perhaps borderline reclusive, especially in regards to his sanctuary of creation. Sorren firmly believes his art should speak without having to speak for it. Believing true creation is found through process, eventually revealing itself by the exercising of. There is no question Joe Sorren’s art has a voice that speaks volumes, and it channels through not only his fine art but his love for music.

That said, we were thrilled when Sorren granted AM access to his newly established studio in the heart of New York City. Have a look at what we found, and if you are any place close to New York City Saturday, December 1st, stop off at the opening reception for Everything’s Alright Sweetie, Please Get Some Sleep at the Jonathan LeVine Gallery. The title alone is open to endless interpretation.

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