It’s been a rough few weeks for New York City as Hurricane Sandy came up and took the city hostage as it wreaked havoc with flooding, blackouts and gas shortages. On Friday, twin brothers How & Nosm took the tall task of being the next artists invited to work on the iconic Bowery & Houston wall. Following up behind Aiko’s recent effort (covered), the twins braved the elements to join the ranks of notable peers such as RETNA, Kenny ScharfBarry McGeeShepard FaireyOs Gemeos, JR, Keith Haring, and Faile.

AM stopped by with Martha Cooper to catch the action as the duo slaved away on what looks to be an epic composition. It was great to see passerby’s stop to enjoy this artistic process and take their mind off the recent storm. Stay tuned as we’ll bring you a detailed look at the completed work. For now enjoy a first hand look below.

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