AM was recently onsite to bring you Faile breaking ground at the prominent Houston & Bowery mural (before they headed to London for their solo). As you saw in Part I, the basic foundation of the work was a ginormous collage featuring much of the classic imagery created by the collective (both new & old). In an effort to dodge the crazy weather and rain, the two Patrick’s worked morning to night without assistance to wheatpaste the base of their work. After day one, the efforts paid off as the piece looked good to go. But that was only the first step of the process.

What you didn’t see in this creation was the details up close as the collective worked to hand paint parts of this outdoor artwork. We were also invited on their scissor lift to observe them hand tear & collage in additional layers to build one of the most eye-catching displays of art to have graced this historic location. Of course, the mural wasn’t the only mark they left as they also installed on the property of their Prayer Wheel installations. We weren’t the only fans admiring Faile’s work ethic as they labored days on this build as peers such as JR, Futura and Martha Cooper also hung out to support this urban beautification project in New York.

Check out a detailed look at the action after the jump.

Picture by Joe Russo

Google Maps car even stopped by for a closer look...

Picture by Joe Russo

Hand painted with Faile love...

Picture by Joe Russo

Martha Cooper gives Futura, JR and us a sneak peek at her coming book!

Futura & Croatian Style

Martha Cooper rocks the Barack...

Futura models the latest Freshness beanie for the coming winter line.

Anyone call for a pizza delivery from Paris? JR promises to shoot you in 30 seconds or less...

Faile wheel... don't even think about jacking it!

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