In part one of our studio visit to Faile’s Williamsburg workshop, we showed you the digs where the magic happens and also took a close look at the uniquely crafted building blocks that form their new works. In part two, we dive deeper into the imagery for their Perry Rubenstein Gallery show “Bedtime Stories” opening this Thursday.

The studio seemed like a children’s playland as everywhere we looked there were stacks of beautiful square and rectangular blocks dissected from completed paintings/silkscreens. The Patrick’s affectionately called the wood block paintings “deconstructions.” Faile basically creates a painting layer by painstaking layer and when completed, they chop it up and prep it to be surgically spliced into a whole new creation. Imagine a mash-up of Bunny Boy / Falling for Faile / Betrayal Story or a Bret the Hitman / Hits & Crashes / Heartbreak in Brooklyn cocktail. The possible combinations are endless…

Check it all out after the jump.

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