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Openings: Faile – “Bedtime Stories” @ Perry Rubenstein Gallery

AM attended the much anticipated homecoming exhibition for the Brooklyn street art collective Faile last Thursday night. Their solo show “Bedtime Stories” was held at the esteemed Perry Rubenstein Gallery where the traditional white walls were a great contrast to the colorful and image laden exhibition. Utilizing their latest “wood block” concept which we explored in our studio visit (here & here), the Patricks took their symbolic imagery and stories to a new level. Take for example their already iconic “Faile Boxes” which contain images […]

Studio Visits: Faile – “Bedtime Stories” @ Perry Rubenstein Gallery Part 2

In part one of our studio visit to Faile’s Williamsburg workshop, we showed you the digs where the magic happens and also took a close look at the uniquely crafted building blocks that form their new works. In part two, we dive deeper into the imagery for their Perry Rubenstein Gallery show “Bedtime Stories” opening this Thursday. The studio seemed like a children’s playland as everywhere we looked there were stacks of beautiful square and rectangular blocks dissected from completed paintings/silkscreens. The Patrick’s affectionately called the […]

Studio Visits / Preview: Faile – “Bedtime Stories” @ Perry Rubenstein Gallery Part 1

2010 looked to be a light year for the Brooklyn collective known as Faile (featured). Initially it was just a simple show at a “little gallery” known as Gagosian. Then in Feburary, a hand crafted arcade experience popped up in London. By Spring they created a new arcade show in NYC. Summer brought them to PortugalArte ‘10 where they installed an iconic “temple” in vintage Faile fashion. Between all that, they somehow found time to put together a book and hold a popup shop in the […]

Teaser: Faile – “Bedtime Stories” @ Perry Rubenstein Gallery

Next month, after making their debut in a earlier group show with Perry Rubenstein, FAILE will be presenting their solo show “Bedtime Stories” at the New York gallery. Needless to say, this is a significant show for the Patricks and the movement in general so we will be keeping an eye on this. We’ll have more to follow soon, but for now, check out the new prayer wheel they installed in Brooklyn after the jump…