Saturday night, Martha Cooper (interviewed) launched a special group exhibition at LA’s Carmichael Gallery. If the upcoming Art In The Streets Exhibition at the MOCA is this year’s Superbowl for street & urban art, then consider this show the preceding playoffs. Many of the players in the monster retrospective made an appearance to pay homage to the godmother of street art photography. Cooper’s curated list of artists were asked to artistically reinterpret her iconic urban photographs and included AM favorites like Futura, Swoon, Jose Parla, Shepard Fairey, Barry McGee and Chris Stain. If you’re in town to catch the MOCA exhibition, this is an important stop that you should include on your trip.

Check out all the opening night action after the jump.

Roger Gastman


Kenny Scharf

Jeffery Dietch & Martha

Haze & Futura

Martha & Kenny

Martha Cooper & Jonathan Stein

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