It’s finally here. After almost a year since AM took on Damien Hirst’s Spot Challenge and ran the gauntlet of 11 galleries around the globe, the reward has arrived for the 128 participants who completed the trip around the world. Entitled Hypothalamus Acetone Powder (can anyone explain what this substance is?), this massive silk-screened print measures 59 x 53 inches and is an amazing example of the British artist’s “Spot” artwork. Consisting of 420 uniquely colored one inch dots, this piece required a mind-boggling four hundred and twenty different screens as Hirst’s spots never repeat a color! With that in mind, the tough wait doesn’t seem so long considering the amount of work that went into creating this print.

It’s been a rough wait as a we tried to keep our expectations in check. A few months ago, we had to sign Gagosian affidavits in front a notary just to keep up with the paperwork requirements put forth for this contest. Even more nerve racking was the stipulation that Damien promised a print, but no promise of size or composition. Our imagination got the best of us… Would it be the size of a business card or maybe just one large black dot? Well, when we arrived at the Gagosian for the pick up, we were actually quite stunned. Awaiting us were imposing anti-aircraft artillery looking industrial strength tubes that measured over five feet in length and weighed over twenty pounds.

Our next move was to immediately head for our friends at City Frame to get this bad boy framed. Just unrolling the print was a task unto itself. At the bottom of the print we caught another surprise from Damien. In addition to signing the print, he also did drawings of his signature Shark, Butterfly and Skull! Did we hear that Hirst is a showman of the highest degree? Well, we whole heartedly concur. Thank you again Mr. Hirst and Gagosian for under-promising and over-rewarding!

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