Back in November, we stopped by Galleria Patricia Armocida in Milan, to check out shows by two fresh, talented artists – Vietnam native Diem Chau, and Kappao from Korea. The mutual thing about both artists is the fact that they use very delicate and fragile materials, that through their meticulous patient process,  are turned into delicate beautiful pieces of art. Kappao’s signature material is ceramics, but also, clay, wood, plaster, ropes, fabric, and other “poor materials” that she adds to her sculptures that both have a lot of character and a spiritual, almost symbolic feel to them. From totemic looking heads of different sizes, delicate glazed bowls, to ceramic figures of different sizes, shapes, colors, her works evoke Asian ceramic tradition, with a strong feel of free and unburdened contemporary art spirit.

On the other hand, while using different materials, the works of Chau feel even more fragile and more delicate. From painted and decorated porcelain plates, that are transformed into beautiful miniature pieces of art with her careful touch, to meticulously carved fragile pencil tips and crayons, her work makes you wanna hold your breath while examining it. Her pencil cravings went viral on the global network, which is no wonder when you think of the amount of detail she manages to put onto a tip of pencil. Carving mostly animals and mythology characters, visitors have to use a magnifying glass in order to fully enjoy all the shapes, shadows, and details that she manages to fit into her tiny masterpieces.