With the opening set for January 25th at the Eleanor Harwood Gallery, the time is right to preview Adam Friedman’s newest body of work. Space and Time, and Other Mysterious Aggregations will feature the Portland-based artist’s signature surreal geologic forms, created through the process and painting and mixed media work. He describes his imagery thusly – “I paint symbols and tropes that we comprehend as landscape; mountains, sunsets, etc. But I relish the mystery of the natural world, and I’m curious what happens when we view nature through a lens that breaks the rules of our understanding. In my work, rules of perspective, distance, and light are bent. Space can become a solid object and places are folded on top of one another. Millions of years are compacted into a single instant and rocks become fluid. I strive to present a moment that defies human intervention in the landscape, and pays homage to the potential in the inexplicable.”

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