Starting on March 7th at Noon (PST) for 24 hours, the newest timed release from Jeff Soto (interviewed) will be released from Prints On Wood. Again, the print will be sized at 6″ x 6″ and priced at $25 (with $1 from every print going to to plant one tree). The newest Seeker Friend is entitled The Wise and was inspired by the Riverside-based artist’s travels in Hawaii for POW WOW. Hear what he had to say about it below…

“I’ve always felt the Seeker Friends might be a shamanistic society, worshipping the plants and animals and forces of nature. The Wise is a sage elder, able to harness magic and communicate with the most intelligent animals. The well developed antlers and grey fur are a sign of great age and a symbol of deep respect amongst the Seeker Friends. While plying their craft, these wise shaman also serve as historians, healers and teachers.”

The newest Seeker Friend, “The Wise” was inspired by a recent trip to Hawaii. Soto has been interested in tribal cultures and mythology since he was a child, but this visit to Oahu involved many events that got him more involved with the Hawaiian culture, including getting blessed by a Kahuna and learning about the Aumakua- a sacred spirit protector. Said the artist, “I had this idea to mix some of what I experienced in Hawaiian culture with my love of fantasy. I came up with this idea on the drive from Honolulu to the North Shore one evening, and did the sketches on the plane flight back.”

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