Little known fact: sometimes between the large scale murals by invited artists, the prominent Bowery & Houston wall also hosts temporary tribute projects in the interim such as the one held for Dash Snow after his passing in 2010 (covered). Prior to the mural Crash created recently (here & here), another tribute came up for legendary photographer Martha Cooper, a woman who has definitely left her mark on the Graffiti & Street Art scene over the past few decades. She’s also been the official photographer for this iconic mural. On March 9th, a group of NYC artists, including Aiko, Bio, Crash, Daze, Faust, Free5, Freedom, Lady Pink, Terror 161 and of course, the last to hit the H&B location, How & Nosm (covered), came together to paint a nice collaborative piece to help celebrate Martha’s 70th birthday. AM stopped by to catch the action. Check out the details below.