This Thursday, Cuban-American artist José Parlá will unveil a new body of work in Japan. Entitled Prose, this solo exhibition will be held at Tokyo’s Yuka Tsuruno Gallery. This fresh series of paintings, in the words of Mr. Parlá, will focus on the “stream of consciousness – a rhythmic structure that carries the energy and poetic painting body in flux with dance – defined by memory brought into action in its own moment – imbedded in an improvisational blend of performance – founded on research and observation that forms the visual compositions before us – evoking a metropolitan narrative – presenting an objective truth”.

Much like his recent masterpieces at BAM (covered) and the Barclays Center (covered), this exhibition will also feature a large scale painting measuring 15 meters (50 feet)! So if you’re fortunate enough to be in Tokyo, do yourself a favor and make it a point to stop by.

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