Patricia Piccinini, the subject of one of our Art Focus features earlier this year, has taken to the skies with her latest work again showcasing her love for the grotesque and her strong imagination. The Skywhale hot air balloon was commissioned for the Centenary of Canberra, and will be floating by different locations in Australia the rest of the year. The next scheduled take off is tomorrow (May 18th) in Canberra tomorrow between 7am-9am with further details here as well as links on how to catch future appearances. See what the Sierra Leone-based artist had to say below and also watch the video & check out further images.

“The Skywhale may appear fantastic but think about the blue whale – an air breathing mammal that lives in the ocean – and it doesn’t seem so far-fetched, I think that when we look up at the skywhale and wonder what it is ‘for’, it might remind us that nature is not necessarily ‘for us’. It just ‘is’ and we’re just lucky enough to be around to see it.’

Via Designboom.
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