Take to the Streets is a street art photography group exhibition featuring Alex Ellison, Cheff031, Delete08, Doug Sherman, HowAboutNo, Ian Cox, Joeppo, Mark Rigney, Myriam JC Preston, NoLionsInEngland, and Unusualimage.  Many of the names of this committed bunch of snappers will be familiar to followers of the UK graffiti and street art scenes though their dedication to capturing the latest and greatest hitting the streets of London. Regular readers of AM will note that we have featured the work of many of the group over the years too, so we were pleased to hear about this exhibition curated by Esther F. Castelo.

Each of the photographers has defined their own recognisable style, and their voices stand out amongst the glut of street art photography captured and shared instantly via the plethora of gadgetry, phones and social media. One of the freshest approaches we’ve seen comes from Myriam JC Preston who often frames her pictures with the interior of her car – a vintage styled Nissan Figaro, which adds a unique charm to her coverage of London’s ever changing landscape.

Many thanks to Mr. NoLionsInEngland for his pictures of the event itself. Take a look at his ever excellent Graffoto blog for a much more in-depth discourse of the exhibit, and further commentary on each of the photographers work. The exhibition is held at Fun Factory at Top Office Machines, 133-135 Bethnal Green Road, London E2 7DG. Email funfactory at gmail dot com to confirm opening hours.