Brazilian artist Herbert Baglione recently visited Mexico City for the opening of his newest solo show “Obituary” @ Fifty24Mx gallery. The new show  includes new paintings and installations by the artist. It is part of his continuing body of work he started at Contemporary Art Museum of Bogota in August of 2012, strongly inspired by death, human imperfection, and spiritual rebirth.

The exhibition integrates photography, installation, drawing, and painting made ​​with Baglione’s own blood. This radical method of creating art is actually turning his work process into kind of a sacrificial ceremony of death and resurrection. His paintings and drawings are showing recognizable calligraphy and feature distorted characters in stretched and twisted poses and are oftentimes anorexic and obese . With these images the artist is inviting the observer to think and reflect about the significance of ego in modern society.  Some of photographs exhibited were made in collaboration with the Italian photographer Fabio Stachi. This collaboration was titled ‘Projeto Negro’ and its a series of images that make a connection between the myth of fashion, and female form.

Finally, during his visit to Mexican capital, Baglione did his part on a collaboration mural with Dave Choe that the American artists initiated few months ago during his own visit to the city.