Australian artistic couple, Dabs Myla, recently left their LA home/studio to spend couple of weeks traveling and painting around Europe. By creating poppy, very colorful, clean line wall murals, often topped with cute, cartoonish like characters that are their signature elements, the artists left their marks on walls all over the old continent. They visited The Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden, and Norway, and collaborated with numerous Europe based graffiti artists such as Newtwo, Vino, Aryz, Boogie, Tiws, Soten, Bates, etc, along the way. They finished their Euro summer tour in Bergen, Norway, where they did an awesome outdoor installation with a help from NuArt Festival, along with painting some cute smaller walls next to the ocean, and in the forest.

As a big finale of their tour, the artists painted two paintings which are getting released as prints through HandmadePosters on Tuesday 25th July 2013. Moonlight Fantasy and Good Times are both 7 color screenprints, are 43cm x 61cm, are printed on 300gsm high quality cotton art paper, both an edition of 150, and are signed and numbered.

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