Amsterdam based art duo, The London Police (seen above) are about to open a new solo show next to Zeus, on 5th of July at LookForArt gallery in Zuid, Amsterdam, titled We Rock Amsterdam!

Shortly after taking part in The Many Faces of David Bowie at Opera Gallery in London (covered), TLP were back in studio working on a new pieces that are will be presented in a city they call have home for the last 10+ years. Continuing their recent style work with their recognizable, big, back-to-basics black and white canvas works, the new pieces are a collaboration of the iconic Lads characters by Chaz and the tight architectural and illustrative landscapes of Bob Gibson. Getting more detailed and rich, the new pieces feature familiar landscapes from their travels, along with portraits of different people that have influenced them through their life and art careers. Also, the duo are doing a little object design by introducing wooden pool stick and cricket bat holders.

Zeus has been active in a London graffiti scene since the 80’s, and is presenting his work to Amsterdam art lover through a series of sculptural landscape pieces (seen on the next page). By cutting up cardboard instead of drawing lines, his 3D city landscapes pop out of a frame towards the observer, giving him a chance to observe the work from different angles and persepctives. Combining graffiti typography with sculptural work and even architectural perspective drawings, Zeus’ work can be seen both as wild style graffiti pieces or as a bird view perspective of a cityscape.

Photo credit: saL for Arrested Motion.
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