After traveling around Europe for the first part of the summer (covered), LA-based Aussie art couple, Dabs Myla, are planning a quick trip up north for the set up and opening of their newest project. San Francisco is For Lovers, their upcoming solo opening on the 17th of August at White Walls Gallery in SF, is more of “an intimate installation” than just a show. With pieces for the installation being produced using their recognizable cartoon style while utilizing limited a color palette, symbols, and characters, the entire body of work feels very coherent and connected.

As the title of the show suggest, the works are focused on love and romance, but in Dabs Myla case that quickly gets more explicit, sexual meaning through their recognizable imagery and characters. The show is full of little wieners popping out of holes, boobies, sexy lips, cigarette butts, palm trees, and other happy, uplifting imagery presented in the most innocent way possible. By using only the pastel shades of red, pink, yellow, or grey, the entire body of work gets an even stronger vintage feel to it, which emphasizes the feeling of romantic times past that the show is referring to. The artist couple went back to painting objects for this show, and their newely  developed pattern style is working awesome on little vases, bottles, boxes and lamps.

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