After showing her works in a couple of solo and group shows in the US and Europe recently, working on some huge public murals, releasing a sold out edition with Pictures On Walls, and releasing a line of swimsuits and bikinis with Billabong, American artist Maya Hayuk is opening her first solo museum show stateside at the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles. Known for her symmetrical compositions, bright, lush, and often transparent colors, drips and woven patterns, Hayuk’s work is a perfect blend of traditional Ukrainian crafts or mandalas and neon lights or vibrant elements of party culture. Painted in large scale, these strong abstract images are an “engaging mix of referents from popular culture and advanced painting practices while connecting to the ongoing pursuit of psychedelic experience in visual form.” It’s actually these murals that Hayuk has been working on for the last two weeks, painting site specific pieces on the walls of the museum lobby. Organized by Hammer assistant curator Corrina PeiponHammer Projects: Maya Hayuk is pre-opening on Friday, 16th of August at 8PM, with a music show by Chris Johanson, Gary Panter & No Age. The installation will be on view from Aug 17th, and the official opening is on Sept 28th.

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