Australian artist duo Dabs Myla, opened their latest solo show on the 17th of August at White Walls Gallery in SF (previewed). With the concept being more of “an intimate installation” than just a show, the artists turned part of a gallery into an immersive experience. Strict about the color palette they were using – all shades of pink are red dominated the space, with sexy imagery painted on every surface – making the entire space has a feel of a Japanese love hotel room. With paintings displayed on top of a mural they created for the event, and painted objects actually put in use on the shelves, the works are literally incorporated into the whole install. With a  closer and more careful look, the observer will notice flower vases, candle holder bottles, night lamps, boxes, etc, all nicely arranged around the space. With the doughnut, wiener, titty or heart patterns painted on them, these objects feel like the 3D extension of the entire space the artists built for the show. San Francisco is for Lovers is on view until the 7th of September, so make sure you check it out if you’re in the area.

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