Ukrainian artists and muralist Waone and Aec, known as Interesni Kazki, recently took part in the LGZ Moscow project where they worked on two separate surrealistic murals. Waone did a piece called Flying & Crawling mind at Lublinskaya Str.3, while Aec worked on his Time Machine mural in Sadovnicheskaya  Str. 78, Moscow. Covering the era of the dinosaurs, constellations, age of big discoveries, technical progress and weapons development, Aec’s mural shows the history of the planet, and the big influence that humans have over all of it. On the other hand, Waone’s mural is the artist’s homage to the world of books and written word, showing a thin line between what’s written and the readers’ imagination and experience. Fully painted with acrylic colors, both artist worked for about a week on each of these impressive murals, bringing their already beautiful ink concepts to life by painting it in large scale and using wide range of bright colors. The artists are currently working in Mexico, and have couple of big projects lined up for the rest of the year, so stay tuned for more on them.

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