Legendary Barcelona-based artist Miss Van and Brazilian artist Ciro Schu have spent most of the summer traveling all over the globe creating both indoor and public art together. Although their styles don’t seem similar at first glance, Miss Van’s dreamy female portraits go very well with Ciro Schu’s abstract imagery and cubist shapes, and there are many murals from Brazil to USA to the UK that prove this point. The blend of their styles will result in side-by-side solo shows opening in Los Angeles on the 21st of September.

Miss Van’s Room For Cream is opening at Soze Gallery, and according to the images that the artist and the gallery are sharing online, the artist has prepared a whole new body of work of her ever evolving female portraits. Over the years, she’s been painting these voluptuous, mysterious, sometimes even a bit scary portraits, Miss Van constantly evolved, developing a more distinctive style and technique. Always very feminine looking and feeling, her fragile, soft skinned muses often have a twisted edge to them. Whether it is their revealing outfit, masks they are often wearing, their mystic eyes or lips, or even some sort of morphing happening to them, her works still feel so innocent, gentle and almost glamorous. For this show, Miss Van created some new characters, and new scenarios around them, but also, got some of the works uniquely framed by Ciro Schu.

Ciro Schu’s Makumbia will open the same night, next door at Time to Shine Gallery, and will show sculptures, paintings and drawings made from different recovered materials. Known for his skilled wood work, and his distinctive line work in his paintings, the artist is very good at reusing and repurposing materials. His abstract and figurative art mixes lettering with symbols and traces of the ancient people of the Americas. He mixes these great, strong influences with his personal expressions, and the result is artwork that can vary in size, technique, medium, depth, color palette used or even imagery, but will still be recognizable as his style. With so much freedom in creating work, the Ciro Schu gives the viewer even more freedom to interpret or relate to his work.

Photo credit: Doze Collective.
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