Opening next month at Hellion Gallery is Inhabitants – a two person show featuring the work of Portland based artists JShea Stephanie Buer. We’ve been following Stephanie Buer’s work since we first came across it a couple of years ago. Her depictions of abandoned buildings and graffiti strewn environments are exquisitely captured in both her graphite and oil work. Neglected spaces are reclaimed by nature through dereliction and by the hand of humans through vandalism, and the majority of Stephanie’s subject matter comes from her previous residency in Detroit, where she visits and documents abandoned spaces, capturing photographs that she subsequently uses as reference materials.

The finesse of the rendering Buer uses in her artwork is wonderful to witness first hand –  a real hyper-real treat, so if you are in the Portland area make plans to visit the exhibition which opens on Thursday October 3rd and runs until November 2nd.