Jud Bergeron’s current exhibition Becoming carries its special little story on how it came to be. Funded by a recent kickstarter campaign to facilitate the casting of pieces such as Quack-Quack – the large scale bronze and mixed media sculpture of an atom bomb explosion of rubber duckies emanating from a pin-striped child’s pedal car, Bergeron used the crowd-funding route to deal with the huge upfront costs of mounting such an ambitious sculptural exhibition. The title of the show alludes to Bergeron’s experiences with his recent transition into parenthood, as do many of the allegorical pieces contained within the show.

Housed in SF’s Mark Wolfe Contemporary Art, Becoming presents a range of Jud’s sculptural oeuvre from straight up character-based work, piled high in a corner of the room, to steel fabricated cubist forms conveying a wonderful level of emotion through to cast ceramic wall pieces presenting abstract views of what you may find floating in your kid’s bowl of breakfast cereal. This show is a riot of colour, with a healthy dose of humour and a whole lot of fun, and that pretty much sums up parenthood itself – so in our book Bergeron captured the very essence of what he set out to represent with Becoming.

Go see for yourself if you are in the Bay Area and lose yourself to your inner child for a while. The show runs until October 31st.