Spoke Art’s latest exhibition opened on October 3rd in San Francisco. Through The Veil features the work of Miami based Tatiana Suarez and Sheffield, UK’s Craww. The pairing have shown together previously at the SF space, so this exhibition serves as a triumphal return / reunion of sorts for the artists, who both depict the female form in very different ways. Craww’s sinuous renderings are completed in oils – a transition he recently made, apparently with great success judging by the delicate works exhibited here – as are Suarez’ pop-surreal renderings of wide eyed girls.

A series of moleskine graphite and charcoal sketches accompany the painted works, with collaborative endeavours between the artists that work well together. Spoke Art has become renowned for it’s celebration of the moleskine journal as both documentation and exhibition device for it’s artists. A nice touch here is that the whole journal is framed rather than just the removed pages.

A couple of print releases from each artist were launched at the opening, and in the tradition of Spoke Art’s previous releases, expect high quality editions from both.

The full exhibition can be viewed here.
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