With two successful group shows at bicoastal pop-up galleries already under their belt, Bad Dads and Quentin vs. Coen, our friends at Spoke Art have put the finishing touches on their homebase in San Francisco and will be officially opening their doors for the first time this week. Opening Thursday, May 5th, Rod Luff will take the stage to kick things off proper with The Moleskine Project, where an entire Moleskine notebook (a favorite of artists) has been filled from cover to cover by the Australian artist over the course of an entire year.

The resulting body of work – a combination of miniature oil paintings, sketches, notes, doodles, and studies – showcases the core of the creative process in all it’s intimate glory, as well as highlights the inevitable evolution and the diverse range of a talented young artist still finding his niche. In all, a compelling exhibition with plenty of high quality, yet affordable art to go around, all seemingly providing a rare glimpse directly into pineal gland of an artist. As a clever touch, the works have been framed in a manner that allows the artwork on the back of each notebook page to be visible when viewed from behind.

Check out an extensive preview after the jump.

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