It appears two things motivate Bay Area residents with a vengeance; Halloween and Wes Anderson. The effects of both were on full display during Spoke Art’s Bad Dads: A Tribute to Wed Anderson (previewed) group exhibition. Curated by our friend Ken Harman, managing online editor over at Hi-Fructose, the event served as the best excuse humanly possible to break out the cowboy hats, track suites, headbands and Zissuo red beanies in honor of one of the finest writer/directors of our generation. Despite the excellent costume homages, the lead role at last weekends opening was unquestionably the eclectic collection of artwork paying tribute to all of Anderson’s films from a wide array of young and established cross-genre artist.

Almost as impressive as the original works themselves, with paintings from Ana Bagayan, Dave MacDowell, Greg Gossel, Caia Koopman, Munk One, Dabs Mayla and more, is the fact that there will be a new print released everyday for an entire month, with approximately 30 prints planned, via their online store! A handful of wonderful releases have already been thrown up, so be sure to keep checking back to see which piece is added next. An ideal scenario for the affordable art fan.

More opening photos after the jump.

Images thanks to Mike Cuffe.
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