On November 7th, Marco Mazzoni is presenting his newest body of work alongside Lindsey Carr at the Roq La Rue gallery in Seattle. The works from the Naturama show are focused on the rituals of struggle between animals in the wild, and the impossibility of harmony in nature. Known for his surreal images, mostly showing parts of wildlife in strange interactions or even symbiosis, the Italian artist has prepared another series of such drawings and paintings for this show. While looking beautiful and calming, these works actually show those harsh moments in which nature reveals its rough, unforgiving side. With his impeccable pencil technique and feeling for light and details, his works almost look like over-saturated or overexposed photographs. His “portraits” never actually show the face, but his human characters, mostly females, are always surrounded and intertwined with wild flora and fauna. Included in this show will be a series of impressive pencil drawings on moleskine, large size pencil drawings, as well as a new series of drawings done in black pen.

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