Italian artist Marco Mazzoni is currently preparing a solo show with Galleria Patricia Armocida in Milan, Italy, opening on the 19th of February 2013. With fifteen new medium-scale colored pencil paper drawings, twelve Moleskin paper drawings, and a site-specific installation, his 1st solo show in the city he lives and works in, will be one of his biggest to date. Some previews of the work exhibited can be seen here after the jump, but fans of Marco’s work should look forward to seeing the site specific installation he’s currently working on, as it’s the 1st time he’s working with wood as media, and building such piece. Focused on man’s interaction with nature, this installation is meant to add even stronger accent to the story line of the entire show.

The title of the show is Il Ricordo è Un Consolatore Molesto (Memory is a Bothersome Consoler), and the entire body of work is a homage to Janas and Cogas, female figures who, according to Sardinian beliefs, seduce, enchant, curse, and heal. Each drawing is actually telling a story about medicinal and lysergic plants, pollinator butterflies and birds which drink their nectar, which are all connected with these natural healers. The bigger pieces are showing these women that are forced to hide their sensuality and their knowledge, due to bigotry imposed by religion, accused of witchcraft because they are herbarie (herbalists).

Marco’s drawing style, which always starts from the center of the piece, and than evolves around it, perfectly evokes the cycle of nature, which these women have a strong connection with. Also, by never drawing eyes, his works can’t be seen as portraits, but more of still life images, which gives an even deeper, more spiritual feeling to these mysterious women and their work. Finally, by using his signature media – colored pencils, he is able to create a very unique, mystic light effect, that is especially emphasized by the intense dark background on these works to the point where elements of his pieces are almost glowing on the surface.

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