Today, Banksy took his artist residency in New York straight to the hornet’s nest (aka Chelsea). Yes, the same Chelsea that houses some of the world’s most prestigious galleries. Keeping to the theme, Banksy put on display the canvases created in his most recent collaboration with his peers from the southern hemisphere, Os Gemeos, for the The Village Voice.

Banksy changed things up to keep with the theme for today’s display and kept things orderly with the help of some security guards to regulate the number of people viewing at one time. This led to a much improved experience giving everyone a chance to Instagram that they were in fact there. If you listened to the 800 number, you’ll also realize that Banksy left a cooler of wine in an effort to keep with the “stuffy” tradition of the “gallery scene” where viewers cared more to drink cheap wine and gossip with their backs to the painting… ironically Banksy’s plan failed as the artwork he and the twins created were more the focus than the cheap wine. Proving that good art (sometimes) beats free booze…

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