After a great first week in New York City where Banksy hit seven different locations over seven days (covered here), he starts off the week on Monday with a philosphical reference piece (Day 8). Then yesterday, we woke to find that the elusive Bristol-based artist had brought out the big guns – literally. For Day 9 of Better Out Than In, Mr. B gets a little more clever with an installation inside an empty lot in the Lower East Side near the corner of Ludlow & Stanton. Banksy sets up an elaborate two vehicle piece with visuals of stampeding horses wearing night-vision goggles heading into battle.

To make sense of it all, the new work is accompanied with an audio guide that includes a clip from the controversial Collateral Murder incident that was released through WikiLeaks back in 2010 (it can be heard here). In it, Crazyhorse 18, the military call sign used for a helicopter that is engaging an adversary is repeated multiple of times, giving this piece a well suited title Crazy Horse.

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