For us here at AM, Cyclops has been one of the most interesting, and certainly most talented gallery artists to come from the contemporary graffiti world in the UK. His work has seen him revolve back and forth from using his real name to the moniker he was given whilst painting with the much lauded and sadly missed Burning Candy crew. The Way of All Flesh is very much a Cyclops show though – and what a show it appears to be.

The exhibition features a series of still life oil paintings first displayed last year at a two person exhibition in London (covered here), where graphically rendered basketballs, Jesus and skeletal statues prompt an appreciation of his skills as an oil painter. A huge evolutionary leap has been made in his painting style in the last couple of years. This is displayed brilliantly in the updated paintings from his baroque-styled Teenage Phantasm series where he has introduced a new level of opulence within his subject matter.

Add to this the wonderful vanitas still life paintings featuring skulls, flowers and baseball caps, and you have a show not to be missed. The Way of All Flesh opens on Thursday 28th November, and runs through to Xmas eve at the Outsiders Gallery in London.

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