recently released a postcard portfolio from Dutch artist and illustrator, Femke Heimstra, just on time for her new website launch. Famous for her recognizable “anthropomorphic animals that  roam in a dark, fairytale like world, together with all sorts of characters”, she often paints with acrylics on old surfaces like antique panels or books. It was exactly this kind of work that the studio and the artist wanted to show with this release. This is her 2nd collaboration with Pressure Printing since the successful release of her intaglio prints, and is focused on showing her “amazing color palettes, which somehow manage to feel modern, old-master-y, cozy, and creepy.” This affordable collection of her works features 16 hand-picked, full color images from across her career, offset printed on glossy 5ʺ × 7ʺ card stock, packaged in a card stock folder.

After this release Femke is taking part in the Don’t Wake Up Daddy VII group show at Feinkunst Krüger in Germany, as well as a drawing mini show and book release at Roq La Rue in Seattle.

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