The “main fair” as it is affectionately called by art lovers in Miami is of course the centerpiece of Art Basel Week. Not just prestigious by namesake or by the list of illustrious galleries, but more so the high level of art exhibited by the artists who want to put forward their best work. As always, it felte like there was so much blue-chip goodness, but so little time at Art Basel. From Kapoor (seen above), Colen, Martin, De Kooning, Chamberlain, Pruitt, Houseago, Creed, Auerbach, Kusama to Longo, just to name a few in the sea of hundreds of gifted talents to grace this global stage, one can easily spend most of the week adventuring just this fair alone. Here’s another look (see part I of our coverage) at the amazing creations that made its way to Miami.

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