During Art Basel Week in Miami the Yo <3 305 Gallery in Wynwood brought together the work of seven muralists from around the world for a Fordistas collective exhibition entitled The Art of Collaboration: Friends and Family. Known for their large scale public works they created worldwide, this was the first time they had the opportunity to “meld their individual talents into a cohesive whole within a single space.” The collective is made up of 2501, 2 Alas, Axel Void, Alexis Diaz, Jaz, Jufe, and Pastel, who joined forces to “present a show that emphasizes the values of cooperation among artists over those of competition.” The result is a coherent show which can be seen as a whole, as well as good way to examine and enjoy the individual works.

The centerpiece of the show is 2501’s painted canoe, displayed on top of a mirror which gives more possibilities for observing the art, as well as connects all the other artworks to it. Also, this installation is most likely a nod to the Mirrorless Project which he is involved with at the same time. The rest of the works are mostly large canvases showcasing the recognizable style and technique of each artists – Alexis Diaz’s magnificent meticular line work, Jaz’s fusion of a classic portrait and surreal anamorphic painting, 2Alas’ interesting incorporation of an iconic images from the 60, and Axel Void’s dark and almost haunting style, among others.

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