AM recently paid a visit to Faile’s Brooklyn hideout to take a closer look at their collaborative project with Bast – a nostalgic arcade-based exhibition entitled Deluxx Fluxx. Set to open tonight in South Beach (1604 Washington Blvd.), with sponsorship by Perrier, this marks version 3.0 for this mind blowing showcase of old school arcade games, foosball, and now they’ve added specially crafted pinball machines to bring back the sensory addictions of the 70s & 80s. (Check out version 1.0 in London & version 2.0 in NYC)

So, if you’re in town for Art Basel Week, be sure to stop by and experience the intersection between art and gaming. And, if you’re lucky, you may score a special hand painted silkscreen created for this exhibition. The show will be open from Dec 3rd to 7th.

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